Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Maximize your glutes!

Two keys to looking hot in your bikini this summer are toning your thighs, and sculpting a whiplash inducing booty. Lunges and deadlifts are great, but the squat is where it's at for all of your bikini sculpting needs.  

In addition to targeting the glutes and quads better than any other exercise, squats are a great way to burn tons of calories. You tone and firm your body, while losing weight and unwanted body fat.

Master the basic squat, as seen in the video, by doing three sets of 10-15 repetitions three times each week. Don't try to do too much weight at the beginning, the form is very key to getting the most out of the exercise, as well as preventing injury.

Once you have mastered this,  you are ready to step up your game and can move on to more advanced exercises like burpees, also known as squat thrusts.

For more workout tips and ideas on getting glutes you can bounce loose change off, check out "Get Your Butt Ready for Summer" and "Sculpting the Perfect Body". Also, feel free to email me at bob@bobwellsfitness.com with further questions or concerns.

Now, get squatting! A tighter, firmer you awaits.


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