Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Squat Your Way to a Flatter Stomach

(This article first appeared on 24Savvy on September 26, 2012)

Jill Coleman / Courtesy Jill Fit
Take a look at the cover of any health and fitness magazine. You will see perfectly sculpted men and women smiling, usually showcasing their flat, tight abdominals and touting the latest plank or crunch variation as the source of their invidious midsection.

Apart from choosing their parents wisely, these “models” work hard by pressing and lifting heavy weights, especially squats. As shown in Lou Schuler’s “Lift Like Hercules, Look Like Aphrodite”, the fallacious notion that lifting heavy weights will make you bulky has been sufficiently debunked.

Lifting heavy weights is believed to promote greater calorie burn due to the muscle repair that has to take place after these sessions. Lifting heavy will help make you leaner AND stronger. There are many multijoint exercises like pushups, lunges, and pull-ups that can help you get you the leaner, tighter body you desire.

However, squats can provide the best bang for your buck, since they can work nearly half of the 600+ muscles in your body, including those in your core. Michael Granger, a Tier 3+ coach at Equinox says, “ squats uniquely challenge and utilize the muscles of the core.”

“Also, by changing the complexity of the exercise, such as by doing an overhead squat or a suitcase squat (weight in one hand only), you can provide a greater challenge to your core.” However, Granger notes that the OMG abs the models display are the result of more than just exercise.

“Genetics and diet also play a large role in getting the body of your dreams.” For more information about eating right, check out “Sculpting the Perfect Body: One Bite at a Time”

Now, let’s get squatting!


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