Saturday, October 6, 2012

Dynamic Ways to Start Your Workout

Common sense and science dictate that we can’t just jump into a workout. We need some type of warmup prior to a training session in order to maximize the training benefit, as well as to prevent injury.

Often warmups include running on a treadmill for a few minutes, doing some pushups, or stretching. However, science has shown that stretching fails to prevent injury. (Fields et al. 2007) Further, pre-workout stretching has been shown to inhibit strength. (Fowles et al. 2000)

Coaches like John Campbell of Equinox believe dynamic warmups are a preferable way to prep the body to work out.

“Dynamic warmups better prepare the body by training by taking it through greater range of movement. Exercises like lunges, knee hugs, or inchworms (as seen in the videos below) can elevate core temperature, and improve soft tissue pliability.”

In short, dynamic warmups are a great way to reduce your risk of injury and better prepare you for the workout, maximizing your results.  

Get started now and get results!!

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