Monday, March 25, 2013

BWF March Fitness Challenge

Happy Monday! We are beginning testing today, and continuing through Sunday, for our March Fitness Challenge, so there is no workout of the day for this week. 

Here are the three tests:

1. 1000 meter row (as fast as you can)
2. 5K (3.1 mile run) (as fast as you can)
3. Nick Taylors (as fast as you can). Superset squat press with pullups for 3 sets. The first set is 20 reps each, the second 15 reps each, and the third is for 10 reps. (Men: use 100lbs for the squat press. Women: use 50lbs for the squat press and do assisted pull ups with 50% of your body weight.)

Good luck and email me your results at and I will publish the top scores on our leaderboard. Have a great workout!

For those celebrating Pesach (Passover), have an awesome seder tonight and Chag Kasher V'Sameach!

Comments? Questions? 

1 comment:

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