Friday, April 26, 2013

BWF Workout of the Day (April 26, 2013)

It's time for another amazing workout, Friday style. This is the last workout before our testing for the April Fitness Challenge, so let's make it a great one and ace our monthly challenge! It's showtime!

Today's workout is a full body workout, designed to get you leaner, tighter, and fitter. For more information and a demo of the exercise, click on the name of the exercise. It's time to get sexier!

Pull up time! / Courtesy SHAPE
For the first circuit, we are going to do the following exercises:

  1. 10 reps. shoulder stretch
  2. 10 reps. step up
  3. 10 reps. pullups (pictured right)
  4. 10 reps. ViPR situp
Complete three rounds and then move on to the next circuit. For circuit number two, let's do the following exercises:
  1. 20 reps. shoulder press (alternating)
  2. 20 reps. bent over row
  3. 20 reps. chest press
  4. 20 reps. squat thrusts / burpees
  5. 20 reps. reverse crunches
Rest for 60-90 seconds after each round. Do three rounds before moving on to the next circuit. For the last circuit, do the following exercises:
  1. 20 reps. power cleans
  2. 20 reps. lat. pulldowns
  3. 20 reps. ViPR squat press
Take 60-90 seconds break after each round. Complete three rounds. Congratulations on an awesome workout! 

Testing for our April challenge begins on Sunday and we will have a leader board up Sunday night so you can see where you stack up. 

Comments? Questions?

Again, here are the tests for April. Good luck!!

  • pushup test- complete as many as you can without stopping.
  • squat test- do as much weight as you can for 8 reps.
  • standing broad jump- without a running start, jump as far as you can off both feet
  • kettlebell snatch test- complete as many reps as possible in 5 minutes. (Men up to 132 pounds, use a 20kg kettle bell, over 132 lbs. use 24kg. Women up to 123.5 lbs., use 12 kg. kettle bell, 16kg for those over 123.5lbs.) 

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