Monday, April 22, 2013

BWF Workout of the Day (Monday, April 22, 2013)

I hope that everyone had a great weekend! It's time to get pumped for Memorial Day--just 5 weeks away-- and our April fitness challenge, which is just 5 days away! Keep up the good work, and we will make sure you are beach ready this summer!!

Get Your Butt Ready for Summer! 

Let's get it started with our first circuit and warmup our bodies. Here are the exercises for the first circuit:

  1. 10 reps. (each side) step up to knee raise
  2. 10 reps. inchworms
  3. 5 reps. (each side) pushup to side plank
  4. 10 reps. (each side) knee hug to lunge
Rest for 60 seconds at the end of the round. Complete three rounds before moving on the circuit #2. For the second circuit, complete the following exercises:
  1. 12 reps. barbell flat chest press
  2. 12 reps. pulldowns
  3. 12 reps. reverse crunches
  4. 12 reps. squat press
Do four rounds of Circuit #2, resting for 90 seconds after each round. After you have completed four rounds, let's move on to the third circuit. For circuit #3, do the following exercises:
  1. 12 reps. dumbbell incline chest press
  2. 12 reps. bent over row
  3. 12 reps. ab ball rollouts
  4. 12 reps. (each side) clean and jerk

Rest for 90 seconds at the end of each round. Complete four rounds and then finish the workout off with 20 minutes of cardio.

Great work! Now enjoy the rest of your day!

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