Wednesday, April 3, 2013

BWF Workout of the Day (Wednesday, April 3, 2013)

Welcome to Wednesday, and for those that were celebrating Pesach (Passover), welcome back to bread and pasta. It's been a long eight days. Well, at least you don't have to wait eight days for the next workout. 

Let's get it started with the warm up, animal flow style. Do the following flow exercises:
  1. 8 reps. underswitch
  2. 8 reps. crab stretch
  3. 8 reps. scorpion
  4. 8 reps. kick through 
Do this warmup circuit three times, and then let's rock and roll with the first circuit. 
  1. 10 reps. barbell squats
  2. 10 reps. dumbbell deadlift
  3. 10 reps. hanging knee raises
Select the heaviest weight possible that you can lift with great form, for this circuit and the next one. Complete this circuit four times resting up to two minutes after each round. 

For circuit number two, complete the following exercises:
  1. 10 reps. good mornings
  2. 10 reps. squat jump
  3. 10 reps. leg curls
Complete circuit number two four times, also resting up to two minutes after each round. After completing both circuits, your legs are sure to feel like jelly. Get a head start on the recovery process by doing a 10-15 cool down. Try biking or walking on the treadmill at an easy pace. 

As always, enjoy and good luck!

Special thanks to Broadway star Kathleen Monteleone (Hands on a Hardbody), Laura Fisher, and Ashley Castle for demonstrating the exercises for today's workout. 

Questions? Comments?

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