Monday, April 8, 2013

ViPR : Perform. Smile. Evolve

NYU diver Nealey Wallis
Take your Fitness to New Heights with ViPR Training
by Bob Wells, CPT, PES

By now, you have all seen the cylindrical apparatuses known as ViPR featured on numerous television shows, infomercials, and health and fitness youtube channels. Or perhaps you have seen them lying around, or preferably neatly stacked, at your local gym, albeit often in the corner. 

They primarily go unused. When they are used, it is either with mild trepidation or with great hilarity--for the people watching. After reading this article, and of course, checking out our ViPR workout videos, you will have a greater understanding of the benefits of ViPR, and be able to explain how you got your sexy new body, smiling the whole time.

First, let's begin with a primer on ViPR. Most of you are wondering what ViPR stands for. Well, wonder no longer, as it stands for Vitality, Performance, Reconditioning--three modalities of programming. 

Vitality is a renewed sense of energy, meaning the exercises should be fun. Performance is the ability to do work, and we train for optimal levels of performance, whether it be a particular sport, or to keep up with the demands of daily life. Reconditioning is primarily for the person returning from injury or a long layoff. It can also be for the novice client. 

The creator of ViPR, Michol Dalcourt explains that what makes ViPR unique, " that you take movement training and load training and you combine the two. The benefit of which is that every time you move you are actually integrating the entire structure, the entire body, in everything that you you do.”

"So every exercise becomes core exercise. Every exercise becomes balance exercise. Every exercise becomes agility exercises to take into account life’s demands."

Now that you understand the benefits of ViPR training, I'm going to introduce you to various exercises. We will then put it all together in an awesome workout, demonstrated by collegiate athlete Nealey Wallis.

Add the dozen exercises below to your existing workouts, or do an all ViPR workout, and take your game and body to the next level!

  1. ViPR sit up chop
  2. ViPR rolling pushup
  3. ViPR halo lunge
  4. anterior lunge with forward ViPR drag
  5. ViPR hook lunge
  6. ViPR uppercut lunge
  7. reverse lunge to balance
  8. squat with overhead press
  9. squat thread the needle (jumping)(lateral jumping)
  10. lateral shuffle with lateral tilt
  11. ViPR single arm throw and pullback
  12. pendulum swing with cylinder lift

We want to give a special thanks to Nealey Wallis for taking the time out of her busy schedule to demonstrate an awesome workout and exercises.  

For more great workouts, check out in our "Workout of the Day"section for new workouts every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!

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