Sunday, May 19, 2013

Beach Bikini Boot Camp with Bob : Day 19

Welcome to Sunday and Day 19 of our beach bikini boot camp! Only eight more days until Memorial Day!

However, today, we are going to take it a little easy today and do some light yoga or jog three miles. Tomorrow, we start our big seven day push with an awesome kettle bell workout from NYU diver Nealey Wallis. The workout will be as intense and fun as Nealey's ViPR workout, so get psyched!

Courtesy Pic Trip

Today's nutrition tip comes from Elizabeth Ward, RD, author of My Plate for Moms, How to Feed Yourself & Your Family Better:

Eat right post-workout. People are notorious for overestimating how many calories they burn during physical activity, which is often far less than actual calories burned. When you overestimate the calories you burn during exercise, you may eat more than you need, making weight loss and maintenance difficult.

High-intensity exercise may drive women to eat more, and moderate exercise may be the key to easier weight control. To see how many average calories you’re burning during everyday activities and exercise, check out this chart from the CDC. You can see how easy it is to wipe out the calories burned during a workout with just a few extra nibbles during the day.  

Today's motivational quote is: 

"it's not about how bad you want it, it's about how hard you are willing to work for it"