Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Beach Bikini Boot Camp with Bob : Day 21

Welcome to day 21 of our beach bikini boot camp! There are only six more days left until Memorial Day, the unofficial start of summer and bikini season! Keep up the amazing work and get ready to look hot this summer!
Courtesy Ecouterre
I want to give a special thanks again to Nealey Wallis for sharing her awesome kettle bell workout with us for yesterday's beach bikini boot camp workout!

Now it's time to jump into today's workout with the following circuits. For the first circuit, do the following exercises:

  1. 15 reps. (each side) crab stretch
  2. 15 reps. (each side) scorpion
  3. 15 reps. (each side) kick through
  4. 8 reps. (each side) push up into side plank
Do three consecutive rounds of these exercises with no break between each round. After you have completed this circuit, let's move on to the next circuit:
  1. 15 reps. barbell dead lifts
  2. 15 reps. barbell power cleans
  3. 15 reps. V-ups
  4. 10 reps. push press
Do three rounds of these exercises, resting 90 seconds at the end of each round. Awesome job everyone! Have a great day and see you tomorrow for another awesome beach bikini boot camp workout!

Today's nutrition tip comes from Kathryn Dorrell, Wendy Graves and Daniela Payne of Canadian Living:

Become a teetotaller. Alcohol has empty calories and will do nothing for you except help you pack on the pounds – and leave you with a nasty hangover. But if you do decide to have some alcohol during your girls' getaway or weekly bridge night, choose a sugar-free mixed drink or a dry wine (dry wines have less sugar), says Lori Kennedy, a registered holistic nutritionist in Toronto.

Today's motivational quote comes from Tiger Woods, the worlds #1 ranked golfer:

“No matter how good you get you can always get better and that’s the exciting part.”

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