Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bob's Bikini Bootcamp : Day 1

Ryan Reynolds : Courtesy AP
Today is May 1st, and there are only 26 days remaining until Memorial Day, which is the "official" beginning of bikini season.

Don't worry if you are not quite ready for your closeup. We will get you there and then some with Bob's Bikini Bootcamp! It just rolls off the tongue, I know.

Each day, until Memorial Day, we will provide you with a  30-45 minute workout, a nutrition tip of the day, and motivational quote of the day. So, without further ado, let's get it started.

Today's workout is inspired by Herman Soto, a Tier 3+ trainer at Equinox in New York. It's insanity, kettle bell insanity that is. You are going to do 500 kettle bell swings (1000 if you are feeling particularly frisky.

Kettlebell swings are a great exercise for torching calories, and can be done even by those with preexisting back pain. Dr. Stuart McGill explains since that the kettle bell swing doesn't have the same shearing effect on the lower back that a heavy deadlift would, it is a great option by those with many back issues.

Today's nutrition tip comes to us from Fit Sugar

Make simple swaps. Anything that can safely help you with your weight-loss goals without a lot of effort should become part of your routine. Make simple swaps throughout the day to save a few hundred calories easily, like opting for red wine over a vodka tonic at happy hour and choosing a low-calorie sandwich spread. Check out 10 quick calorie-cutting tips that will help you drop pounds now.

Today's motivational quote is from Samuel Johnson:

"Clear your mind of can't."

Special thanks to Jenny Joseph Williamson of SHAPE magazine for demonstrating the kettle bell swings, Fit Sugar for the nutrition tip and Samuel Johnson for the amazing quote. 


  1. is it really good for back pain? I'm looking for a best exercise to help me with my back pain problem. Hope this could help me. Will try this in awhile.

    1. Catherine, great question. According to Dr. Stuart McGill, it is a safe exercise for people who have back pain.

      Much back pain is caused by a lack of strength and/or endurance in the core musculature, an hip swings are a great way to counteract this by increasing core strength and endurance.

      However, the exercise must be done correctly and for most people that means that the end range of motion is chest height. Going higher than this can result in hyperextension of the lower back which can be a problem for many.

      Check with your doctor for final clearance. Thanks and good luck with our Boot Camp!

  2. Great post! Sounds like such an easy quick routine!

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