Wednesday, June 5, 2013

How to Run Your Fastest 5K : Day 8

Happy Hump Day and welcome to day 8 of "How to Run Your Fastest 5K!"

Whether you are looking to set a PR with us at the VCTC Cancer Challenge at the end of month, or run your fastest at any distance, we've got you covered with our running programs. Lace up those running shoes and let's roll with today's workout.

Let's go to work and have some fun!

Courtesy Falmouth Road Race
Today's Workout:
Beginners: Run 2.5 miles. 
Intermediates: Run 3-6 miles.
Advanced: 5-7 miles. 

Each group is to run the appropriate mileage as quickly as possible. Remember to record your times for each run. This will enable you to see your progress each week. Keep up the good work and see you tomorrow.

Comments? Questions? 

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