Tuesday, July 23, 2013

TRX your way to a great summer!

As the rising temperatures can attest, summer is here! While summer means fun and exciting trips to the beach and other fascinating places, it also brings the challenge of trying to get or stay in great shape. It's often hard to get to a gym while you are on the road, or too hot to hit the pavement for a run. 
In comes TRX Suspension Training to the rescue. It was originally designed to help Navy SEAL teams stay in great shape with limited space and limited access to equipment. Regardless of your level of fitness, suspension training can help you get to the next level!

Each suspension training exercise simultaneously improves flexibility, balance, and core stability while building true functional strength. These exercises also enhance the efficiency and ease of running, meaning you become stronger, and use less energy as you run. Whether you run or not, this translates into a fitter, stronger, and hotter you!

Try the following full body workout by Equinox personal trainer Karolina Pawlak, and make this a summer to remember!

Karolina Pawlak in action on TRX
Each exercise should be done for 45 seconds if you have an interval timer, or repetitions, starting with 10-15 reps. Try to move as quickly as possible to the next one.                      
  1. TRX squat (for a greater challenge, try a squat on one leg)
  2. TRX row
  3. TRX standing rollout
  4. TRX chest press
  5. TRX mountain climbers
  6. TRX hip abduction
  7. TRX atomic pushups
  8. TRX oblique rotation                  
For further information on TRX suspension training, you can reach me at bob@bobwellsfitness.com for a complimentary training session or check out more TRX videos by Karolina Pawlak on our Bob Wells Fitness youtube channel.

Enjoy the workout and your summer!