Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Get Fit with Frank: How to Take Your Fitness to the Next Level on the Road

Frank and Kathleen Monteleone / Courtesy broadway.com
28 days into our resolutions and most people have strayed from the path. The last remnant of the 2014 resolutioners figures to drop off by Valentine's day. It happens-work piles up in the office, family obligations arise, and many are forced to hit the road to fulfill these obligations.

Actor and hotelier Frank Monteleone knows all too well the challenges of staying in shape while juggling these obligations. Family duties and work opportunities have Frank routinely traversing multiple time zones. 

There's not always a gym nearby, nor do the ones nearby always have proper equipment. This can make it difficult to get in quality workouts, so Frank brings his TRX with him on the road and leaves nothing to chance.

"The TRX is the easiest all in one workout equipment anyone needs," says Monteleone. "I can literally find a place to hang it wherever I go--hotel doors, trees in parks, etc. I find that at least 2-3 TRX workouts a week will keep me conditioned and toned."

One of Frank's favorite exercises is the TRX burpee. The TRX burpee is a fun and challenging full body exercise that really torches calories.

"I can always tell where I am in my conditioning by how well I can handle doing burpees. Nothing will get you hitting your goals faster than throwing in weekly burpees."

Another Frank favorite is the TRX row into pushup. For more of Frank's favorite exercises, check out the Bob Wells Fitness YouTube channel.

Don't forget to check out Frank Monteleone in the upcoming movie, Focus, with Will Smith.

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