Monday, August 11, 2014

   by Bob Wells, CES, PES, Pn1

In addition to time off from work, summer is characterized by trips to the beach and the seemingly endless parade of buns and guns there.

Courtesy: Swedish Bikini Team
So, whether you live in the United States, Russia, Turkey, or most other countries in the Northern Hemisphere for that matter, there is "still a little summer left" as George Costanza said. That also means that there is still time left to make your buns and guns worthy of admiration--and jealousy.

Joe Manganiello / AP
Matt McConaughey / AP
Hugh Jackman / AP

So without further ado, let's rock and roll with the workout:

Complete 10-15 repetitions of each exercise, starting with the ViPR Squat Press. Complete 3-4 rounds in this manner.

1. ViPR Squat Press. Check out former NYU diver Nealey Wallis as she demonstrates a great exercise to tone your glutes and arms. Don't worry if you don't have a ViPR, since you can substitute a barbell or dumbbells.

2. Lat Pulldown. Equinox Tier 3+ trainer Herman Soto shows us an exercise that targets the back and biceps.

3. TRX Hip Press. Actor and ab model Frank Monteleone demonstrates one of his favorite exercises to shape his glutes and hamstrings. If you don't have access to a TRX, you can do a glute bridge with your feet on the floor.

4. Bent over row. Soto shows us the bent over row, which is another amazing exercise to target the biceps and back.

5. Ice Skaters. Equinox Tier 3 trainer Karolina Pawlak demonstrates ice skaters--the secret behind her lean and toned legs and glutes.

6. Db. Triceps Kickback. Want lean arms like Karolina? Add dumbbell triceps kickback to your routine and watch the fat melt away.

7. Unilateral Squat Jumps. Globe trotter Ashley Castle shows us how she keeps her glutes so toned, even if she can't make it to a gym. Feel the burn as your glutes get much tighter!

8. Bicep Curls. For the last "gun" exercise of the day, Laura Fisher demonstrates a variation of the bicep curl designed to challenge you and get arms that look as if they were chiseled from granite.

Congratulations on getting through the workout. Repeat 2-3 times a week for the best results.

For more great exercises or workouts, check us out on YouTube at Bob Wells Fitness or on Instagram at Bob Wells.



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