Thursday, April 16, 2015

3 of the Best Butt Exercises You're Probably Not Doing

Flaunting a bootylicious rear end is nothing new, according to Sarah Klein of the Huffington Post. In recent memory, Kim Kardashian broke the Internet, inspired a generation, and helped to create a new industry along the way. 

While everyone is not as fortunate to have won the genetic lottery like Kardashian (pictured right), hard work does go a long way to helping you get the derriere of your dreams. 

Add the three moves below to your routine, and then maybe your "belfie" will be the next one to break the Internet.

1. TRX lunge. Actor Frank Monteleone (Focus) demonstrates one of his favorite glute and leg exercises. To make it more intense, add a hop, as seen in the video. 

2. Reverse lunge into knee raise. Ashley Castle, of "Travel with Castle" demonstrates another great exercise to tone and firm your glutes.

3. Unilateral squat jump. Castle here shows us this more challenging version of a unilateral squat. You will feel the burn as the fat and flab melts away.