Sunday, June 26, 2016

Five Ways to Change Your Fitness Level, and Your Life 

(Part 4:Time Management and Planning)  

   by Bob Wells, CPT, CES, PES, Pn1, Pn2

The great Benjamin Franklin famously said, "If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail." These words highlight a fundamental truth about the need to plan. 

From fitness to travel to work, this aphorism rings true: in order to ultimately be successful with anything, we must have a plan and manage our time wisely. 

So, how do we manage and plan our time wisely in order to accomplish all of the things that we need and want to do to be successful? One way to master our time is to "obey" Entrepreneur's 10 commandments of time management:


  1. Carry a schedule and record all of your thoughts, conversations, and activities each week. This will give you an accurate account of how much you can get done during the week, as well as how much time is wasted via unproductive actions, thoughts, and activities.
  2. Assign a time to any activity or conversation that is important to your success. Set appointments with yourself and create time for high-priority thoughts, conversations, and actions. Stay disciplined and keep these appointments. 
  3. Spend at least half of your time on the thoughts, activities, and conversations that produce most of your results.
  4. Schedule time for interruptions. 
  5. Spend the first 30 minutes of each day planning your day. It is crucial not to begin your day until you complete your time plan, since this is the most important time of your day. 
  6. Take five minutes before every task to decide what result you aim to achieve. This will allow you to define success before you begin. Spend five minutes after each task to determine whether or not the desired result was achieved. If not, troubleshoot how to achieve success with the next task. 
  7. Put up a "Do not disturb" sign when you have to get work done. 
  8. Practice not immediately answering the phone or emails. Don't immediately give people your attention, unless it is absolutely crucial to immediately offer a response. Instead, schedule blocks of time to answer emails and return phone calls. 
  9. Block out social media distractions, such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook unless you are using these tools to generate business at the time.
  10. Remember that it is impossible to get everything done. 20 percent of your thoughts, conversations, and activities are likely to produce 80% of your results.   
By implementing these proven time management strategies, you can remove any self-limitation or self-sabotage you have around "not having enough time," or today not being "the right time" to start on your next journey, fitness or otherwise. 

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